A Truly


Al Experience

Transform your business with an engaging learning experience.

"We’ve been looking for a new e-learning solution for awhile. We’ve not seen anything on the market like it. This is amazing."

With zEd, create a Learning Journey that...

... so you can adapt to the world's rapidly changing virtual, digital training needs

What People Are Saying:

Deliver the results you expect

Adapts to ILT, ViLT, Blended and Digital needs

Adapts to your employees learning needs

Each learner

Is unique

...so why treat them the same? Deliver learning journeys that adapt to individual needs so they spend time where it counts.

Deliver the results you expect

Create blended learning journeys where interactive

digital tools optimize instructor  led training.

A Superior Learning Experience

The Journey

Learning Journeys that adapt to the individual learner. Only need to learn that what you don't know.

Hybrid Learning

Engage the learner with a variety of learning methods. Provide an integrated online and instructor-led experience with simulation-based practice.

3D Experential Learning

Gamified learning experience, simulating real-world business scenarios.

Engineered for the "Modern Learner"

There’s a new generation of learners. Digital Microlearning on the go matches their style.

Digital Coach

Artificial Intelligence, delivering real-time feedback throughout the learners journey.

Access.  Anywhere.  Anytime.

Intuitively organized training in a personal dashboard. Search across all content, from digital learning or ILT.

zEd Worldwide

Translate your experience into any language.

LMS Features

Use zEds complete set of LMS features or integrate with an existing LMS or HRIS system.

Authored by you

A point-n-click approach for instructional designers to create radically unique training programs

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