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Why Do People Implement Gamification in Their Workplace?

Zealic Solutions Why Implement Gamification in Workplace

Based off of the article: Implementing Gaming System to Reach Effective Corporate Learning

Zealic's Cliff Notes

Why do companies implement gaming systems for their employees' training?

  • Games help learners understand things easier

  • Games provide a safe environment for people to practice and fail without major consequences

  • Games can improve knowledge retention

  • Games can enhance communication between employees

Tips for implementing gamification in corporate learning.

  1. Experiential learning is an important part of gamified corporate learning

  2. Add practical lessons

  3. Encourage healthy competition

  4. Encourage social interaction

  5. Employ experienced game-based learning providers or designers

  6. Focus on mastery and performance

  7. Allow gaming systems to easily translate to real life

Want to read the whole article?

Check out the full article in the link below:



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Originally Written by: Scott Matthews

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