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Regained market share in Pharma Sales & Marketing by outsourcing development of next gen product


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Product Development Outsourcing
Zealic Success Delivere Next Gen Product

Delivered Next Gen Product

Zealic, in partnership with another vendor, delivered a new Pharma Sales & Marketing ecosystem to a major clinical services provider who commercialized and has been selling it for over two years, allowing them to recover their position in the market while enabling them to take the lead in the market.


  • After participating in a three month long RFP process, we successfully demonstrated the technical and industry domain expertise to be awarded the contract to develop our clients next generation pharmaceutical sales and marketing ecosystem. 

  • The client internally developed two previous generations and was looking to go outside to inject some innovation and speed to market to avoid further erosion and ultimately resume leadership. 

  • The core technologies were preselected and matched our expertise in Salesforce architecture and development.


  • We assembled a full-functional product development team that grew to 125 strong, located both in the US and the development located offshore. 

  • Team took the concept of an enterprise highly-configurable ecosystem through requirements, architecture, development and commercial launch, on schedule and in record time.

  • This highly configurable system included a mobile app, which was listed on the Salesforce app exchange, and a browser based application that surfaced core functionality of an enterprise solution spanning both pharma sales and marketing.

  • Used Scrum-based methodologies, managing multiple scrum teams and supporting UIUX design team, enterprise architecture design, and CICD. 

  • Client was kept intimately involved throughout the process, receiving frequent demos and providing regular feedback to ensure it will meet the market needs.

  • The project culminated in a successful commercial launch, allowing the client to begin selling it into the pharma market. Today the product is a market leader in the industry. 

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