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Today SaaS Domain Expertise is a Must in Life Science Businesses

In light of the current healthcare and economic climate, Life Science service companies recognize that they must include a SaaS solution as part of their service offering in order to transfuse innovative products and services for their customers.

Simply hiring an IT software developer to create a product grade software will likely fail. Typically a Pharma service-based company does not have people with the experience needed to properly evaluate a software developer. It also takes significantly more than developing software to make a Software Product Development successful. SaaS product grade software needs to be engineered, from ideation to product launch. It takes a complete SaaS product development organization with a blend of domain expertise, creative human factor skills, and architecting complex software systems to meet the needs of each and every customer.

In addition, it also requires all these skills and people to operate harmoniously and with agility, staying on track, with laser focus toward delivering the right product that meets the market, buyer and user’s needs. It takes careful consideration that the software product is engineered for configurability to ensure it’s quick and easy to configure for each specific customer's needs. This is much more than just software development. This is what Software Product Development is all about.

In the end, while software developers are very talented at developing software, it takes much more capabilities, experience and knowledge to develop SaaS-based Product Grade software. Having a SaaS product platform company that knows how to innovate inside a regulated industry and has the complete complements of these capabilities, will yield the right product in less time and yield an increase in profit margins while fueling revenue growth.

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