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The Future of Medicine

Zealic Solutions Future of Medicine

Based off of the article: Gamification in Healthcare: The Future of Medicine?

Zealic's Cliff Notes

Gamification has a huge potential to impact the Healthcare realm for both Healthcare professionals as well as patients.

  • Specialized medical training

  • Rehabilitation

  • Active ageing

  • Prevention

  • Improving adherence to therapy

When it comes to training in healthcare, simulations have become fairly common. On the patient side, however, there are a lot more projects popping up (mostly for chronic disease management). They have been useful in maintaining adherence to procedures and medication regimens for patients.

During these first years of gamification in the Healthcare industry, there has been a lot of positive influence in engagement and patient adherence which shows signs that gamification could play a major role in the future.

Want to read the whole article?

Check out the full article in the link below:




Originally Written by: Domedica

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