The Efficacy of Gamification In Education

Based off of the article: Gamification In Education: A New Type Of Interactive Learning

Zealic's Cliff Notes

  • Gamification can give students a feeling of personal ownership of their education and give them the freedom to try and fail in a safe space

  • Gamification also can take larger topics and break them into easy-to-digest segments, making learning much more manageable

  • It has shown a 90% increase in knowledge retention in comparison to traditional learning techniques

  • 67% of students said that gasified content was more engaging than the traditional content

  • There has been a 20% increase shown in student's self-confidence when they experience gamified content

  • It also increases knowledge retention by 90% and increased task completion by 300%

  • Gamification has improved practical knowledge by 20% and conceptual knowledge by 11%

  • Various studies show that chemicals are released in the brain when gamification is effective that increases motivation, grades and engagement.

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Originally Written by: Johnny Selawsky