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Sustainment isn’t one tool - it’s a way of approaching training. Instead, we’ve created an entire training toolbox that is has sustainment designed in every feature.

And we didn’t just stop there. We’ve also created a sustainable admin platform as well. One that allows you to update training content, features, and manage users as frequently as you need.

What better platform to change with than one that cares about your future.



Experiential Learning

Emerse employees into your training using

easily configurable, realistic simulations.

Provide tailored instruction without having to even meet in-person.

Choose from our library of scenes and animated characters.

Configure a role play conversation to illustrate important aspects of your training.

Zealic zEd Experiential Learning


Just-In-Time Training

Improve daily productivity by giving your team the tools to navigate the sticky spots of change in day-to-day work.

Select from our carefully created tools designed to achieve your desired training goals.

Apply keywords to training so that your employees can spin up resources quickly.

Give your employee the ability to favorite training that they find most applicable.

Zealic zEd Just In Time Training


Iterative Learning

Create meaningful combinations of our tools that allow your employees to easily absorb new information and then instantly apply it.

Zealic zEd Iterative Learning

Easily configure a training journey that creates a virtual learn-try-repeat approach.

Provide the tools to practice new concepts before applying them on the job.

Catch employees weaknesses and correct them in real-time.



Digital Coach

Guide employees down the right path when additional support when it’s needed.

Configure a Digital Coach to pop-in when you sense extra guidance may be needed.

Jump in with helpful-tips or additional instruction during instances of needed course correction.

Provide extra encouragement to pep-up your employee on training-well done.

Zealic zEd Digital Coach


Adaptive Learning

Allow your employees to find their own learning path by sending them on journey with multiple potential outcomes.

Gain feedback from your employees to adapt her experience in the moment.

Send your employees down unique learning journeys to train specifically in his job category.

Test out those with higher experience levels, and spend time training employees who actually need it.

Zealic zEd Adaptive Learning

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