Advanced technology designed to ensure knowledge is retained throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Why change the way you influence change?

Because 70% of change initiatives fail to deliver an ROI.
...So why disrupt employees productivity with traditional change methods.


A training world without limitations

Many companies, especially in the healthcare and life science industry, have already made a big investment implementing an LMS system. You don’t have to replace your LMS to exceed it limits.

Little interaction

Evaluations limited to assessment

No personalized experience for learners

Unleash the Power

By integrating Zealic collection of tools into existing or new LMS training programs, add…

  • Experiential learning increasing the level of interactive engagement throughout the training program.

No Code Required

  • Micro-learning elements* adaptive* for personalize training to match each individual needs

  • Sustainment modules integrating practice iterative into the learning cycle as well as Just-in-Time training reference specific to the task at hand.

Our point-n-click authoring tool makes it simple and easy to create interactive experiences. Simply drop a URL into an existing LMS training program and go!


Sustaining Knowledge

Research shows that 75% of training knowledge is lost before it is ever even applied.

Give your employees the right tools to ensure they retain what they learn.

Learn through Experience

Help your employees overcome and embrace change by emprowering them through step-by-step simulations.

Train in the Moment

Instead of leaving your employees to fend for information about how to do their jobs, let them save time by training when and where they need it!

Learn. Practice. Do. Repeat.

Most training is solely focused on instructing, leaving employees to experience the change on the job for the first time.

Let your employees refine their skills through a learn-do training approach.

Course Correct on Key Concepts

Managers promote change, but don't have the time to guide and support it when the demand is greatest.

Provide your employees with individualized support using AI.

Bring Everyone Up to Speed

Traditional training is a one-size-fits-all model, wasting people's time learning known concepts.

Let them train out of what they already know!

"In a world where needs are rapidly changing, we wanted to offer solutions that will allow any company to quickly and easily adapt."

- Chuck Piccirillo, CEO

Ready to truly change how you train?

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