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SaaS Product Sales - is it Art or a Blank Canvas?

I’ve always been impressed with how an artist has the vision to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful painting that attracts people to want to buy it. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, which is probably why these creative people impress me so much. Or do I?

One day I started thinking, what would happen if an artist or gallery had a blank canvas, paints and brushes on display and tried to sell the painting by describing what the painting will look like when the artist is finished. Many times this is what happens when trying to sell B2B software. Here are all the really cool features that, once implemented to meet your business needs and usage, “will be amazing.”

Obviously artists don’t sell a blank canvas and some paints. But companies, especially non-tech server based companies, can’t afford to sell after they’ve completed the implementation for a specific prospect.

We’ve learned how to overcome this challenge by ensuring all our SaaS product-based solutions include features that are highly configurable to match the needs of each customer and business process. Have a point-n-click way to quickly configure a software product which makes it look like it has already been implemented for a specific customer demonstration. And now you’re selling high value art and not just a canvas. To do this the product development team must have the domain knowledge of how B2B software is sold and used across the targeted industry. And even better yet, they must have the ability to partner with the Sales team in helping them sell, what will always be, a Software product-based solution. This requires a unique skillset to be successful. Let’s not forget how this could influence margin, profitability and scalability. A topic for another day.

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