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More connection with patients.  More personalized engagement.  More retention.  More adherence.


A More Intelligent Patient Engagement Solution





Helping patients live healthier lives

What You Need to Optimize Patient Engagement 

As a sum of its parts, PulseMI is a complete solution.

Patient Engagement Experience

Product Development Services

Owning your patient engagement experience

Engineered Technical 
Building Blocks

Adaptability Sits at the Core of PulseMI


From treatment to treatment each patient will have a continuous user experience.


Services and functional blocks are combined to give you flexibility in adjusting messaging, outreach and follow-up.


Dynamic to maximize each patient’s journey.


Faster to product, faster to value, faster to connect to patients.

Doctor with Patients

We’ve Got You Covered!

A solution engineered by Life Science domain experts.

From clinical to commercial, PulseMI spans the full spectrum of a patient’s journey.  And within this journey, it supports all stages from acquisition to adherence.

Leverage our

Patient Engagement Experience

We create impactful experiences across all therapeutic areas and brands maximizing treatment support, healthcare marketing and brand marketing.

Utilize our

Product Development Services

Not just software. Our approach encapsulates adaptable solutions and services. We have decades of experience developing the right product within the life science industry.

Full Service Transformation-2.png

Make use of our

Engineered Technical Building Blocks

Our interactive building blocks accelerate the time it takes to holistically connect with your patients. Also, configurable to address your specific portfolio of therapeutic areas and brands. And constructed to complement your current patient engagement solution today.

Adaptable Solutions.  Interactive Modules.  End-to-End Patient Insights

PulseMI features include:

Patient Engagement Services
Patient Engagement Modules
Patient Engagement Portfolio Analysis
App UI/UX Library
Patient Experience Design (UI/UX)
Education Module
Patient Journey Design
Adaptive Journey Builder
Patient Engagement Enterprise Architecture
Event Management Module
Mobile App Design & Development
Messaging Service Builder
Patient Engagement Platform Design & Development
Marketing Campaign Builder
Delivery, Hosting & Support
Patient Engagement Rules Engine
Integration Services
Secured Registration Service Configuration
Get Started

Ready to get started?

First we perform a quick and simple discovery process to determine:

  • Critical patient engagement goals and objectives

  • Current patient engagement assets and methods and how they are being used

  • What components of PulseMI will meet your long and short term goals

  • Performance indicators needed to track results and targets

Patient Engagement Experience.png

We get you to launch quicker

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