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Business Team

What you've been looking for.

SaaS Development Partner with Expertise in Life Science.

As others teeter on the life science SaaS precipice we bring a cumulative century of healthcare technology experience.

A Product Development Partnership That is Not Just Outsourcing

Our comprehensive service offering doesn’t just focus on the middle piece - software development - we are involved in every part of the product cycle. This product development based service highlights the ability to take something from ideation all the way to release-ready software.


Mastery of determining the business needs, sales strategy and user base to ultimately decide the right product to build.

Zealic Product Development Partnership Process


Architecting a product that users will use.


Iteratively proving it's the right product and will bring value faster.


Selling and positioning the products we build for you requires an additional proficiency that most software developers do not have.

Our success is tied to the success of your product. We have skin in the game. We don’t just give you software, we give you the right SaaS product.

What Makes Us Unique.


US-based company of experienced US team members and talented offshore development.

Healthcare & Life Science

30 years of experience building virtual development teams in a regulated and tightly controlled Healthcare / Life Science industry.

Seasoned Practitioners

Practitioners at building and managing great, multinational product development teams.

And a talented offshore center of excellence

Business Meeting

Reasons Why You Need a Product Development Partner


Right Product

Your IT dept can make code changes to your newly purchased software to satisfy this customer’s needs but what about the next customer? As more customers come along the degree of variability in what they want the software to do increases.


Another version, different customer.


Increased Profitability

Your IT dept has configured ten derivative software versions of the same core functionality to satisfy all your customers needs. However they only planned to host one cloud instance to host one software except and now they have to host ten.


Profit margin is shrinking.


Greater Revenue

Outsourcing companies have little if any experience developing product grade software.

Even worse, they may have no domain knowledge of your company or the industry your company serves.


Awesome software but may lack industry-specific expertise.

Our experts support you in reaching your software development success.  

We have the sharpest tools to wield at our disposal.

Expertise onshore to ensure success.


System Architecture

Scrum Master/Project Management

Product Management/BA

UI/UX Design


Testing, Test Automation, QA

GxP, 21CFR Part 11

Secured, Controlled Environments

Zealic Offshore Outsourcing.png

Center of excellence rich with offshore talent.

Software Management

Mobile Developers

Front End Developers

Full-Stack Developers

3D Modeling and Graphics


Test Automation Engineers

Tier 1-3 Support


Let us help you while you help patients live healthier lives.

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