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Our Experience

We've been there and we've done that.

The Zealic Team brings more than a cumulative century of Healthcare and Life Science technology experience to the table.

Our vast array of clinical, commercial and operational experience spans CRO, Biotech, Big Pharma, Medical Device and hospital systems. 


As practitioners, we have spent our careers as CIO/CTO/CEO in the types of companies that we now serve.


Respecting regulatory standards, Zealic has mastered the art of achieving compliance while meeting business needs.


This blend of our domain expertise, development expertise, and off-shore development team, is what makes us truly standout.

Our Goal

Deliver 2x ROI in less than 12 months

We partner with our clients to ensure a successful outcome.

It’s about what you need:

We transfer the knowledge and capabilities for you to be self-sufficient​


We continue to support and unburden you so you can focus on your core business.

Check out some of our success stories!

End-to-End Business Optimization

Achieved significant ROI and profitable scalability in less the 12 months

Digital Marketing as a Service

Improved margin, quality and campaign analytics using Zealic’s Digital Marketing Managed Services

Product Development Outsourcing

Regained market share in Pharma Sales & Marketing by outsourcing development of next gen product

Product Development Outsourcing

Delivered sustained change of critical business initiatives by applying digital transformation

Start your success story today!

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