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Making Learning Simple and Engaging

Zealic Solutions Making Learning Simple and Engaging

Based off of the article: Making corporate learning simple & engaging with gamification

Zealic's Cliff Notes

When a learning initiative doesn't have engagement from employees it doesn't give back any measurable business impact.

Gamification connects the missing dots 

"A 2018 survey by PwC suggests that most business organizations do not have the right skill sets and talent pool to keep them relevant and competent in a digital world."

Employees find it difficult to connect how training programs are aligned with higher purposes. You can clear up the confusion by integrating the principles of gamification. Games contain attributes such as rules, goals, challenges, course correction, cautions and rewards for achievements. When you implement these principles into corporate training programs, now employees become engaged. When employees participate in gamified training, they tend to complete, collaborate and take pride in their training.

When employees understand how their learning correates with their career growth they are more likely to follow the path. They are more likely to set aside time in order to work on their development through their training.

In the future, gamification won't just be limited to learning and development but it will become an essential piece in business transformation.

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Originally Written by: Sameer Nigam

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