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Adult Education Course

Customer Use Case

Leading Training Company

Achieved significant ROI and profitable scalability in less the 12 months


We are always focused on delivering tangible value to our clients.

Offerings used:

CTO on Demand
End-to-End Business Transformation
Product Development Partnership

Produced a New Offering

Introduced a new product offering, increasing customer value and recurring revenue stream.

Expanded Clients Reach

Expanded reach into new geographic markets by cutting the time for delivering translated content in new languages from months to just weeks.

200% ROI in Year One

Increased sales focus and capacity while reducing operational costs resulting in 200% ROI in year one of the client’s investment.

Enhanced the sales channel with the launch of an eCommerce site, a goal they had been trying to achieve for years. 


  • Client is rapidly growing and recognized the importance of using technology to scale and grow profitably.

  • Lacked someone to work with the executive team capable of thinking strategically, understanding business and experienced in applying technology to improve operational efficiencies.

  • Client previously attempted to implement technological solutions, making a significant investment, but never realizing a return.


  • Zealic filled the need for a strategic and business-minded CTO On-Demand.

  • Partnering with the CEO and executive team - business operations, practices, and existing technologies were assessed. Also, previous attempts and technical costs were reviewed.

  • The result was an overarching strategy and a plan to improve operational efficiency. Multiple projects were selected for Zealic to lead the implementation,

Project: Operational Translation Transformation

  • Zealic led the existing IT team in transforming how to - technically and operationally - translate training content more rapidly

  • New language translation streamlined across client’s proprietary applications

Project: New Digital Product Offering

  • Zealic assisted the client in selecting an LMS solution to enable a new product and service offering

  • Architected and led the integration of the LMS solution into the client’s operations and existing proprietary technology

Project: End-to-End Operational Transformation

  • Zealic designed and engineered a solution to automate the client’s end-to-end operations: from sales through to fulfillment and service delivery to outbound marketing

  • Launched the client’s eCommerce using Shopify 

  • With the exception of Shopify, the solution was engineered without the need to purchase additional technology, leveraging the client’s existing investments in SalesForce as a platform and existing systems - SaaS, bespoke and on-premise

  • Integrated Marketo to allow the client to target their current users/customers in future multi-channel marketing campaigns

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