How to Use Games to Train Your Employees

Zealic Solutions Use Games to Train Employees

Based off of the article: Five Tips For Using Games To Train Your Employees

Zealic's Cliff Notes

"Trainers have succeeded if their employees are engaged. No matter your product, service or size, the positive effects of games know no bounds. Getting started is simple. If you game it, they will play it."

Tell a compelling story.

People connect with stories better than straight facts. By creating a story, the users are able to follow along and see the logical progression of the information that is being presented to them.

Create conflict.

Users need a challenge to overcome. These conflicts can be challenges that your employees have to overcome in a safe environment where they can practice and hone their skills.

Don’t underestimate the importance of aesthetics.

When the visuals of a game / training program are good, people want to engage with it. The same goes for the inverse. Bad aesthetics can have a negative impact on the users experience.

Strike a balance between challenging and difficult.

It's important to focus at least 50% of your energy on creating a good balance in your training game. You want to present the users with challenges that are difficult but not too difficult that they quit before they learn anything.

Give players control.

Give your employees control of their education by letting them choose their own pathways and experiences instead of just telling them to progress and earn points. By giving employees this freedom you allow them to make their own choices and mistakes that they are able to learn from and build critical skills.

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Originally Written by: Stephen Baer