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How To Drive Employee Engagement

Zealic Solutions How to Drive Employee Engagement

Based off of the article: How To Drive Employee Engagement With Workplace Gamification

Zealic's Cliff Notes

"...Psychology is part of gamification, and a huge part of that is simply making day-to-day work life more enjoyable."

Research shows 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of engagement.

What are the Benefits?

In 2015, 40% of Global 1000 were using gamification to assist with company transitions because:

It offers real-time feedback

Instead of being surprised by feedback in an annual review, gamification offer employees real-time feedback that they can act on as they work towards measurable and meaningful goals throughout the year.

When Does It Work Best?

Gamification has a large impact on the areas of training and mobility.

Training - Gamification gives training the opportunity to be engaging and entertaining. It also gives employees a clear picture of what's important and what they get out of doing their training.

Mobility - This allows training to be easily accessible and trackable regardless of where the employee is.

Want to read the whole article?

Check out the full article in the link below:




Originally Written by: Daniel Newman

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