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How Adaptive Learning Benefits Healthcare Training

Zealic Solutions Adaptive Learning Benefits Healthcare Training

Based off of the article: Gamification in Healthcare Training: Can It Be Successful?

Zealic's Cliff Notes

Making something look great is one thing, making it work in the best way it can is another. Pairing gamification and adaptive learning brings training to the 21st century and makes it more than just a trend.

Even though there are benefits of gamification in healthcare training, Adaptive Learning is a better alternative to the traditional methods of training.

Adaptive Learning performs better in healthcare training than gamification for three main reasons:


Gamification mainly aims to make the users studying time enjoyable but doesn't reduce the amount of time that the user is actually studying because the user is still presented with the same content whether or not they have already mastered it previously. When Adaptive Learning is used however, it has been shown to train up to 50% faster without sacrificing quality because the learning experiences are tailored to each individual user.

Unconscious Incompetence

Or what healthcare professionals don't know that they don't know, can have consequences when they result in mistakes. It's been show that employees are about 20-40% "unconsciously incompetent" in areas that are critical for them to master in order to properly do their jobs. Adaptive Learning introduces personalized training methods that target each learners knowledge gaps that are discovered during assessments. It's also able to take into account their core strengths so that they aren't distracted by content that they already know.


No one remembers everything that they learn the first time they are exposed to it which is why you need to recharge learning from time to time. Gamification can be useful for this but it mostly focuses on random repetition of materials which isn't really condusive to healthcare training. Adaptive Learning is able to keep up with what areas need to be recharge for each individual learner which makes it better suited for refreshing learners knowledge.

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