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Customer Use Case

Healthcare Marketing Agency

Improved margin, quality and campaign analytics using Zealic’s Digital Marketing Managed Services


We provide our clients the services they need to focus on their primary business and increase profitability.

Offerings used:

Digital Marketing as a Service
Zealic Success Sustained Business Impact

Sustained Business Impact

After transitioning the implementation and operational support of the client's Digital Marketing Campaigns to Zealic, the client sustained key customers while increasing its overall profitability.

Zealic Success Retaind Recurring Revenue

Retained Recurring Revenue

By making the transition, Zealic quickly addressed the issues frustrating their customer, ultimately rescuing the account from moving to another Marketing agency. This allowed our client to retain the recurring revenue and pickup new business from the account.

Zealic Success Saved 1 Million Dollars

Saved About $1M

By utilizing Zealic’s Digital Marketing managed service, the client was able to eliminate 90% of its IT department, saving an estimated $1M in direct operating costs, delivering significant increase in their margin.


  • Zealic’s client was dealing with a slow, expensive, and unreliable bespoke model to digitally implement multi-channel marketing campaigns that attracted companies to do business with them. 

  • Key accounts were at risk of switching to competing marketing agency out of frustration with poor data quality and a lack of visibility into their marketing campaigns.


  • Zealic applied its unique Digital Marketing managed service, specially designed to meet all the digital marketing automation needs specific to the healthcare industry. 

  • With over 30 years of experience complying with FDA regulations plus deep expertise in digital marketing automation, Zealic was uniquely positioned to assume responsibility for our client’s existing and new healthcare marketing campaigns.

  • By migrating their existing campaigns and implementing new ones on Zealic’s technology, Zealic was able to provide critical data analytics, BI, and portal access to its configurable dashboards that, most of all, provided accurate, just-in-time data for their accounts. 

  • Furthermore, Zealic eliminated the operational headache of managing the ongoing digital campaigns by utilizing Zealic’s SaaS operational expertise and DevOps services, ensuring reliability and security critical to people's personal and healthcare data.

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