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Gamification in the HR Department

Zealic Solutions Gamification in HR Department

Based off of the article: How Gamification Can Improve HR Management

Zealic's Cliff Notes

"According to a recent Gallup poll, 71% of American workers report feeling not engaged or actively disengaged in their work. ... [This] translates into nearly $350 billion in lost revenue."

While often gamification is used to motivate performance in a business, the Human Resources department can also use it to incentivize and reward employees when they complete important tasks.

Improve Talent Acquisition and Management

Use rewards and incentives to engage employees to complete important onboarding tasks or to acknowledge them when they refer knew candidates for the company.

Cultivate Corporate Culture and Retain Valued Employees

Retain valuable employees by keeping them engaged using gamification to reward employees who display admirable traits that reflect a positive corporate culture. Present employees with a way to track their progress and see how everyone else in the company is doing.

Motivate Employees to Learn and Participate in Training

Use gamification to bring some fun to mandatory HR training. Employees have to do certain training in order to stay compliant but often that training can be very dull. By introducing gamification into the mix, employees will be more engaged in the content and will get their training done.

Incentivize Paperwork and Other Administrative Requirements

Filling out paperwork is daunting and boring but, by adding in elements of gamification, you can make it more entertaining. Reward their progress with recognition or tangible incentives when the complete the required documents.

Map the Path to Career Success

Provide employees with a viewport into their success at the company. Creating mission-based career paths give employees clarity into what is expected of them and also tells them what they need to do in order to progress in the company.

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Originally Written by: Steve Sims

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