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Zealic Solutions Gamification in Healthcare Segments

Based off of the article: 4 Real-Life Examples of How Gamification is Changing the Healthcare Industry

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When it comes to your health you want the best physician, right? Well... "physicians who used online video games as their primary learning tool were able to drive better patient outcomes than their peers who used the more traditional method of reading educational materials."

Following are four real-life examples of how gamification is helping change care delivery and care coordination:

Physician Education   

In a recent study by, physicians were introduced to an online trivia based game. The physicians were able to see how others were doing which created friendly competition. Those who participated spent less time learning the presented information and drove a decrease in the blood pressure level of their patients.

Improved Surgical Precision

A study from Beth Israel Hospital in New York showed that surgeons who played video games performed better at laparoscopic surgery.

Driving Patient Adherence

Gamification can also be used to influence patient behavior. For example “Packy and Marlon"was designed to help kids manage their juvenile diabetes, the game was highly  successful leading to a 77-percent reduction in their urgent care and emergency clinical visits related to diabetes and the users were 4x less likely to require urgent care visits.

Physical Therapy

In a study from several years ago, a manual wheel-chair interface called GameWheels was used to turn the wheelchair into a joystick and the players were then able to play popular racing games which increased activity. Also when physical therapy is more effective it results in higher patient satisfaction.

Gamification offers a low cost way to positively effect all aspects of care.

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Originally Written by: Lenard Marcus