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Examples of Gamification in Healthcare

Zealic Solutions Examples of Gamification in Healthcare

Based off of the article: The Top 15 Examples of Gamification in Healthcare

Zealic's Cliff Notes

There are so many ways that gamification can be useful in healthcare. Areas like fitness, medication and chronic illness management, physical therapy and rehab; The possibilities are endless.

Here is a list of the most widely impacted areas for gamification in healthcare and some of the applications that are leading the pack for each category:

Physical Fitness

Fitbit & Co.

Presents community interfaces and introduces competition to motivate work-outs and step counts.


Collects data from wearables and apps to allow the users to share their progress with their friends.

Blue Shield California

Earn points, badges and see progress as the user makes their way through their wellness goals

Café Well

Gives guidance and support for those users who want to live a healthier life. The programs are personalized to focus on the individuals own needs so that they can accomplish a goal such as eat better, have less stress, or exercise more.


Tracks fitness progress on the users phone and, if the user doesn't meet their goal, they have to contribute money to a fund that is then used to reward those users who did meet their goals.

Medication and Chronic Condition Management

Mango Health

Motivates patients to take medications on time by sending them reminders. It can also give them information about the drugs that they are taking including interactions and side effects.

Bayer's Didget Blood Glucose Meter

Connects to the Nintendo DS and is made for younger kids (ages 4-14). It assists in helping kids manage their diabetes by giving them rewards whenever they consistently test their blood glucose levels. It includes leaderboards, points, web games and an online community.


An app for children (mySugr Junior) and adults. it offers a gamified way to keep up with diabetes management.

Gamification for Kids

Monster Guard

Helps prepare children for emergency situations by teaching them how to be safe during things such as house fires, hurricanes, and floods and awards them with points and medals when they complete tasks.

Leapband / Vivofit jr.

Rewards kids with coin or redeem prizes while kids achieve steps and active minutes. it can also be used by parents to assign and track chores for their kids.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

SCI Hard Gaming App

Makes rehabilitation more engaging by getting the user to practice their abilities and divert their attention away from the pain that they are dealing with.

Reflexion Health

Uses video to help patients through their physical therapy practices and helps correct movements and give guidance and suggestions for better practices.

GestureTek Health

VR exercise programs for health, disability and rehabilitation that works on the patients cognitive and physical capabilities.


Uses VR, brain imaging and gaming tech to retain brain activity in stroke victims.

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