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Efficacy of Gamification for Online Healthcare Training

Zealic Solutions Efficacy of Gamification for Online Healthcare Training

Based off of the article: Why Gamification Works for Online Healthcare Training

Zealic's Cliff Notes

Generally with traditional training -- "When you answer a question incorrectly, you are told that you are not correct, but not told why, nor do you get an insight into the real consequences of making mistakes on the job. With games, it’s a different scenario. You win some, you lose some. Gamification accommodates failure." This article accentuates the versatility of gamification in the world of healthcare. In a field where training is crucial and failure is detrimental, why not let employees grow their skills in a safe space?

Why does it work?

It builds an emotional connection

Emotions play a huge role in the learning process. Often learners are presented with a document or bulleted list of things that they need to remember and take into account while they are doing their job. It's very hard for learners to connect to content that way. Instead, what you could do is use elements of gamification to engage them. For example they could be asked a question and, if they get that question correct, they are rewarded. This gets the learner to start to connect with the content. If they don't get the question correct then they are presented with the right answer or a video of the consequences of that wrong answer in the real world which helps them connect with the information on a deeper level. Through these gamification elements information retention is also increased.

It gives employees the freedom to fail

Failure is part of the learning process but you don't want learners' only opportunity to fail to be in a real-life scenario. Traditional training/learning techniques often gauge the users ability to answer questions correctly. If they don't get enough of the questions correct then they fail the assessment and often aren't told what the correct answers are or why those answers are correct. With gamification you give your employees the freedom to fail so that they can practice over and over until they are truly comfortable with the information.

It engages the learners

The use of gamification in online healthcare training helps motivate and engage learners to complete their training courses by:

  • Helping learners see how the content impacts them

  • Connecting with their intrinsic motivation

  • Presenting a path that the learner can clearly follow and understand

  • Making mundane actives more entertaining to do

Unlike traditional training methods, gamification offers immediate feedback to the user so that they know how they are performing in the moment which keeps the learners engaged in the training.

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