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As Your SaaS Product Development Partner

That’s right. A SaaS company with Life Science experience does exist. A company that knows how to innovate inside a regulated industry.


Zealic partners with its customers providing SaaS product grade software that is configurable and complements their capabilities yielding an increase in profit margins while fueling revenue growth. 


Let us help you while you help patients live healthier lives.

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We harness our expertise to create robust, product grade software.

Given the costly implementation that typically comes with B2B software we have invested in an adaptable Configuration Platform, this in turn shortens implementation cycles. And our unique combination of product ideation, engineering, creation, delivery, as well as participating in the sales cycle, allows our customers to increase their value offering.


Ultimately meeting the needs of your customer and increasing profits.

We are driven in defining the right product…

For your customer

For your users

To accelerate profitable growth

There are so many benefits to working with a Product Development Partner

SaaS Product Development Partners focus on delivering the right product that in turn will grow revenue and increase profits. IT focuses on implementing package software, infrastructure, webpages, databases and reports. Outsourcing focuses on augmenting IT skills, cost effectively.

All serve a purpose. All are needed. Not all are the same.

Only one partner will be able to deliver the right product for your customer and users.

See how we stack up

Software Development Expertise
Software Development Expertise
Product Development Experience
Product Development Experience
Domain Experience
Domain Experience
Enabling Technology
Enabling Technology
Product Development Partner
Software Development
Software Testing
Agile Software Management
Configuration Management
Cost Effective Off-shore Presences
Configurable, Scalable Architecture
Office Scene

The Life Science industry is one of the most regulated industries. We know how to innovate within a regulated industry.

21 CFR Part 11
TCPA Compliance
Pharma MLR
ISO 27001

Our Edge

Life Science Experience

With decades of experience in healthcare and life science technology, Zealic creates innovative tools that are intelligent, quick to start using, easy to configure (no code needed) and deliver a rapid ROI.


Intelligent Tools 

Our Intelligent Tools remove the mundane, clerical and repetitive tasks that, while important, distract people from focusing on their jobs and collaborating with their team.

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