Companies Mistakes with Learning and Development

Zealic Solutions Companies Mistakes with Learning and Development

Based off of the article: Where Companies Go Wrong with Learning and Development

Zealic's Cliff Notes

  • In 2016, Companies spent $359 billion on training

  • 75% of managers were unhappy with their companies Learning and Development function

  • 70 % of employees says that they don't feel like they have mastered the skills needed for them to do their jobs.

  • Only 12% of employees take and apply newly learned skills from Learning and Development programs to their jobs.

  • The 80/20 rule is important to keep in mind; meaning that the learners should focus on learning the 20% of the content that shows up 80% of the time.

  • When employees want to learn a new skill or have a question, they typically use search engines, refer to the companies LMS, or ask a colleague (55%).

The Forgetting Curve

We quickly forget the things that we learn if we don't apply the newly learned content. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered "The Forgetting Curve." He saw that if new information isn't applied then we will forget about 75% of that content after just six days. By using spaced repetition, we can increase our knowledge retention - remembering 80% of what we learned after 60 days. The key to improving knowledge retention is creating an environment to apply effective learning theories and personalized training.

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Originally Written by: Steve Glaveski