Do you have zeal for creating awesome software solutions?
Zealic is looking for passionate, talented and fun people to join our team!

Zealic is a rapidly growing software product company that is always looking for talented, passionate, and smart Private Entrepreneurs to join our East European team. We are not an outsourcing company. We take pride in working on innovative software products.

Join us early and have the opportunity to work with a dynamic and fun team, learn new technologies and experience a flexible and creative environment, working from your home or in an office.

Strong English skills, written and verbal, are a must. We are an Agile company and will provide you modern software development tools (GIT, JIRA/Confluence, and more). You just need the skills, computer and the passion to do great work with a great team.

If you are comfortable working with an international team, please send your CV to

Middle Front-End React Developers




Zealic Solutions is looking for an experienced Front End Developer to work within our development team. The person on this role need know:

  1.  HTML/Javascript and related development tools.

  2. Done front-end design for applications, websites and mobile apps (not just basic webpages)

  3. Work well with the backend developers , knows a little about the backend technology

  4. Good UI design skills; experience creating UI prototyping screens.

  5. Some UX background is good

  6. Experience developing Mobile Apps (Android and IOS)

  7. Provide a complex Frontend work for product Zealic sells into the market.


  • Javascript

  • Laravel

  • React or Angular Frameworks

  • SQL (entry level)

  • Typescrypt language,

  • Emotion for styled components,

  • Mobx store manager

  • PWA experience

To apply for this position, email us at

Middle Full-Stack Developers




Zealic Solutions is looking for an experienced Backend Developer to work within our development team.  The person on this role will work closely with software engineering, quality assurance, security, and product management,  provide a complex system (product)  including backend, API, database and web plus mobile apps product Zealic sells into the market.
This role will help the team with items around operational excellence such as observability, monitoring, security, and performance at scale.


  • Backend Developer including API, services and database experience

  • Strong Object Oriented Programming skills in C#/.NET

  • AWS expertise - S3, Cognito.

  • Understanding of work Front-end.

  • Interested and willing to learn new technologies (Unity)

To apply for this position, email us at

Unity Developers




We are seeking a strong C# software developer to develop business based applications using Unity as the applications development framework. This application is part of a multi-service system that also includes a backend and database as well as a Web application used to configure how the Unity applications behaves and the content displayed. This system is unique and more complex than a traditional Unity based game, requiring the right individual to be a strong software engineer capable of designing and implement Unity based front-end functionality that integrates and interfaces through endpoint APIs to backend business logic engine. They must also be willing and comfortable collaborating with others while being strong a solving complex problem.


  • Excellent knowledge and practical experience developing and using of core Unity based functionality, including scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management

  • Cross Platform experience from Mobile (IOS/Android to WebGL)

  • Experience optimizing memory and space usage for support of older mobile hardware

  • Experience supporting Animation and 3D experience

  • Proficient in C# and Object Oriented design required

  • Intimate familiarity with shaders and effects 

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills within the context of Unity based applications.

  • Experience and ability optimize existing designs, troubleshooting and resolving sources of poor user experience, input latency, slow rendering, broken physics, stutters, freezes, and crashes, etc. 

  • Knowledge and experience with Address Asset Bundles a plus

  • Experience using Unity for more than game development, but as a software application platform a plus

To apply for this position, email us at

Copywriter - English




  • Write different types of material, from marketing content, to white papers, articles and email templates

  • Do business related research around specific topics compiling findings into articles and whitepapers. 

  • Proofreading, perfecting and formatting other people's content 


  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, english, communications, or related discipline

  • Minimum 4-5 years professional copywriting experience with solid portfolio of work

  • A keen eye for detail and appreciation of great design

  • Exceptional english writing, verbal and research skill

  • Ability to work independently and with a team to meet deadlines

  • Excellent organizational skill and multi-tasking ability

  • Social media or content marketing experience a plus

  • Graphics and artistic skills a plus

To apply for this position, email us at

Node.JS Web Developer




  • Design, build, and maintain a world-class multi-tenant website for storing, editing, and printing 3D designs

  • Enable enterprise-class system integrations by creating powerful APIs and beautiful user interfaces

  • Work with engineers across the team to build new features at large scale system


  • 5+ years experience building and shipping high quality code with strong CS fundamentals

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent

  • Proficiency in writing Node applications and scaling them to support thousands of users

  • Experience with contemporary web development frameworks (Angular, React/ Redux, etc)

  • Experience with cloud systems such as AWS or Azure

  • Knowledge of performance optimization, parallelization, and distributed systems

  • Experience building APIs, Services and Scaling Systems

  • Significant Experience with Schema Design and Query Optimization with SQL

  • Excellent command of Javascript, Coffeescript, or TypeScript

  • Have excellent verbal & written English communication

  • Know your way around a UNIX shell

Extra Experience is a Bonus:

  • Experience with single-sign on technologies such as AWS Cognito, Auth0, or Okta

  • Can design and implement tooling and automation for clustering, scaling, monitoring and alerting

  • Experience with web-based visualization frameworks (Canvas, D3, Three.js, WebGL and more)

  • Experience with CAD/CAM software and 3D modeling libraries

To apply for this position, email us at

Software Account Executive

United States



Zealic Solutions, a SaaS company, is in search of a high-energy, passionate, self-motivated Account Executive with 3 years experience selling Transformative B2B SaaS-based solutions and services mostly to healthcare and life science companies.

Zealic's marketing team will help stimulate new business opportunities to enable this position to close deals and exceed quota. This job will require you to:

  • Quickly become knowledgeable about Zealics products and service

  • Build and nurture new and existing customer relationships

  • Be able to identifying prospective customers, lead generation and conversion

  • Have confidence and strong self-assuredness to succeed in cold-calling customers and making a sale

  • Be focused on and persuasive in selling the value and benefit of Zealic's products 

  • Be experienced and effective at qualifying prospects

  • Be skilled at negotiating prices and terms and prepare sales agreements

  • Help evolve and follow Zealic's sales process.

  • Have great interpersonal and communication skills

If you have have professional sales experience and are passionate doing these things listed above as well as having a proven track record of exceeding quota, please contact us!

To apply for this position, email us at

Marketing Leader




Zealic Solutions, a SaaS company, is in search of a creative and passionate Communication Marketing Manager to create brand awareness for Zealic’s Transformative B2B SaaS based solutions and services it sells to healthcare and life science companies.

Our technology company is looking for a self-motivated communications manager with experience handling both internal and external business communication. The ideal candidate will be eager to tackle the challenges of developing the overall strategy and content that helps build brand recognition in the market. Top candidates will be skilled at generating buzz about existing and new product lines critical in helping our company expand rapidly. Candidates will also be skilled at creating content that both engages employees and prospective customers about Zealic’s culture and offering. The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral english communications is a must. Our communications manager will be our spokesperson. Applicants seeking a long-term relationship will get first consideration.

  • Work closely with the founders to understand and translate their vision into a well defined marketing communication strategy and plan

  • Create marketing strategies that build customer loyalty programs, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Marketing strategy must be design to stimulate and engage sales prospects while helping identify interested leads.

  • Develop communications cadence and messaging across all channels of communication

  • Write copy for all initiatives, including marketing, sales and internal communications

  • Define and establish consistency in messaging and imagery while ensuring its use in all published communications

  • Work with our Digital Marketing team to convert messaging and imagery into digital content used across all social media channels.

  • Manage projects to ensure content is ready and worthy of being publication

  • Create and send out press releases for new products, features, partnerships and services

If you have the experience, creativity and passion for doing these things listed above as well as can illustrate a proven track record defining and delivering against a marketing strategy, please contact us!


Include reference to work portfolio.

To apply for this position, email us at

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