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Blended Learning, Unleash the Power

Zealic Solutions Blended Learning

Many companies today, schools and universities included, are faced with the challenge of having to shift from instructor-led training to virtual training. This represents a significant paradigm shift of an area that has experienced very little change. Such change also brings with it great opportunity to create significant benefit to all stakeholders involved. Leveraging experience from other paradigm shifts while embracing the opportunity to change all the elements in the process, opens the door to capitalize on this opportunity.

Having engineered many end-to-end business lifecycle transformations, we have years of experience leading significant shifts in other industries. We have also come from numerous virtual organizations and companies in regulated industries, where critical company-wide training requirements exist. Over the last few years, we've been investigating ways to improve the outcome of instructor-led training.

After taking into consideration what's working and what could improve the outcome from investments in training, we’ve assembled the following critical success factors that we highly recommend considering when making the shift to virtual and blended learning.

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