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Customer Use Case

Big Pharma Client

Delivered sustained change of critical business initiatives by applying digital transformation.


We provide our clients the tools to sustain their change initiatives and reach an ROI.

Offerings used:

Product Development Partnership

Sustained Business Impact

In support of an executive initiative, Zealic digitally transformed a decision support training program, being rolled out to approximately 2000 executives, into a decision support tool used in making better business decisions. The digital transformation cost was roughly 10% of the overall cost of the initiative, yet it was paramount in creating a sustained change and business impact for the company.


  • Client attempted multiple times to roll out an initiative that will help improve the way management made and implemented business decisions

  • A significant investment was made on this initiative

  • The roll out was delivered via traditional instructor lead training and utilized PDF files and excel forms tool

  • A final attempt was underway when Zealic was exposed to the initiative and offered to help


  • Zealic recognized the criticality of sustainment to such an initiative and created a Proof of Concept (PoC) to illustrate how a decision support tool could be used to bridge the gap between training and sustained change

  • Leveraged SalesForce as the platform, which the client was already using within its enterprise

  • Zealic transformed the PoC into a working decision support tool, specifically tailored for the decision methodology the client was rolling out 

  • A train-the-trainer approach was taken and the solution transferred to the client’s IT department to complete the rollout and manage on-going support

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