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Accelerate Time to Launch. No Caveats.

Shorten the Timeframe

Creating and Reviewing Marketing Assets

The creation of assets and review is vital but can slow down time to launch considerably.


Our solution empowers you to be able to create and review dozens of marketing assets for different patient experiences with a more iterative and flexible process.

An advanced authoring tool that enables the creation of all types of channels for patient communication.

The ability to configure vs custom develop digital content producing a seamless and faster way to preview content.

Shorten the Timeframe

No Custom Development

A Personalized Brand Experience Without Custom Development

You’ve been told the only way to create a personalized, patient experience is through customization. Subsequently every time you want to create a different patient experience you have to use a developer to build a new “custom” experience.

This is no longer the only answer to personalizing a patient experience.


Our advanced, patient experience, authoring tools make your digital patient experience configurable vs. having to customize all points of the interface for the patient.

Utilizing an atomic, component-based user interface design which makes building a brand-specific digital experience as easy as any lego-block assembly.

Patient Experience Journey Builder - a point-n-click configuration that eliminates custom development.

Leveraging a configurable, patient experience platform engineered with unique app and website technologies and components, makes creating web-based websites, applications as well as companion native IOS/Android apps for a specific brand and patient experience much faster than any custom developed solution.

No Custom Development

Minimize Time to Approval

Regulatory Review Process

Regulatory review processes can be painfully slow and inconsistent. Getting communications and promotional claims pre-reviewed is key.

Digitally linking all communications and claims back to a reference guide making it quick and easy to change once applied to all content.

Easily generating review guides for the review process directly out of the authoring tool used for all digital content.

Having an authoring tool that makes it effortless to apply regulatory review feedback across all digital content without requiring custom code changes to accelerate the process.

Minimize Time to Approval

Simple Integration

Integration and Implementation Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Integrating CRM and various other systems may set back your IT department because of their lack of expertise or bandwidth. We are vendor agnostic and will take what you already have, integrate it and give you what you need.

A Patient Experience Platform that has a gateway designed to integrate with different CRM and other IT systems makes it easier to complete the integration.

Using unique mapping to a fixed internal point of interface can utilize existing 3rd party APIs without the need for IT to develop new end-points.

Applying distinctive, system specific adaptors makes it easy to support new integrations with the least amount of development or changes by the IT department.

Simple Integration

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More connection with patients.  More personalized engagement.  More retention.  More adherence.

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