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About Us

Zealic is a Patient Engagement Service Provider uniquely enabled by our proprietary technology, PulseMI, that transforms, accelerates and simplifies the modernization of the Patient Experience.

We focus on elevating how Pharma Manufacturers engage with patients enabling every Brand to connect with and support patients throughout their full journey to better health. Like how Uber revolutionized transportation, Zealic is doing the same for Patient Engagement, making it faster and easier for every brand to connect with their patients through a richer support experience.

We combine our expertise in Patient Engagement, User Experience, and Patient Support allowing our services to deliver a personalized patient experience unique to your brand, the treatment, and patient’s needs.

Powered by Zealic’s revolutionary technology, we’re able to simplify the regulatory process while launching “best-in-class” patient engagement solutions faster than previously possible. This enables our customers to acquire and retain more patients, accelerating their growth.




Exhibiting great energy or enthusiasm towards the pursuit

of a cause or an objective.

What Makes Us Special?


We are united in our enthusiasm to provide you with the best experience possible.


We live in a dynamic world, the only true constant is change.  We embrace change in what we do and how we work.


We play well with others.  We are strengthened through teamwork and collectively bring the most value to our users

Our Leaders

Steven Charles


Global Head of Security and DevOps

Chuck Piccirillo



VP, Operations

Casey Bennett


Experience Director

Brandon Stambaugh


Patient Advocacy Director

Nicole Calloway


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