Training is about achieving sustained change.


The one solution to achieve sustained change

and maximize employee productivity.





Change is designed to boost employee productivity.

Yet 70% of change initiative fail to deliver an ROI and disrupt employee productivity in the process.

Training is the cornerstone of change.

Giving employees the right tools ensures knowledge is retained.  Learn about:

of knowledge is lost before applied


Employees must embrace change in order for it to be effective.

But most people fear change.

Providing a place to practice overcomes the fear to change. Learn about:

Job productivity is linked to an ability to retain information.

Employees spend countless hours searching for information about how to do their jobs.

Keeping employees informed saves time and the need to retain. Learn about:

Practicing is key to mastering change.

Most training is focused on instructing, leaving employees to experience the change for the first time on the job.

Give employees a safe place to practice and the coaching needed to master change.  Learn about:

Change needs to be reinforced in order to be sustained.

Manager promote change, but often run out of time to support it when the demand is greatest.

Provide employees with dedicated support using AI. Learn about:

Everyone's knowledge starts at a different place.

Traditional training is a one-size-fits-all model, wasting people's time learning things that they already know.

Provide an individualized and efficient learning journey. Learn about:

From day one employees are surrounded by change.

 Some planned, some unexpected. 

Starting a new job

Personal, department, organizational changes

Moving between projects

Mergers, acquisitions or integrations

Process, policy or procedural changes

Change initiatives


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